Singh set for surgery

Singh set for surgery

Ranjin Singh, the translator for the 7-foot-3, 420-pound Great Khali, will undergo surgery Monday to repair the fractured patella that he suffered this past Sunday night at No Way Out.

The injury, which occurred after Singh was kicked from the entrance of the Elimination Chamber to the ground by Undertaker, proved that no one -- even outside the ring -- is safe around "Satan's Structure."

When spoke to Singh earlier this week to get his take on exactly what happened, the translator was still furious.

"I have a gash on my eyelid and the impression of a steel cage on my face from when Undertaker kicked me," Singh explained. "I went flying through the air, and my right knee landed directly on the concrete; it shattered in three places."

Singh, who unfortunately became another casualty of the sadistic structure's unforgiving nature, claims his injuries are the result of an "unnecessary assault." 

"I jumped on [the Chamber] to wake up The Great Khali, and Undertaker viciously attacked me," Singh snorted. "I was doing nothing wrong. I'm not a WWE Superstar; I'm a 155-pound translator. I was just doing my job. There's no reason for anybody to put their hands on me."

Reason or not, Singh believes it was a calculated move by The Phenom.

"Undertaker knew exactly what he was doing. By attacking me, he diverted all of Khali's attention to me. The only reason The Great Khali was eliminated was because he had been worried about me. Undertaker took advantage of that; in fact, I'm sure it was his plan all along."

Following the surgery, Singh will begin rehab on his knee, and plans to take some time for himself.

"I have one of the best doctors in all of the United States," he boasted. "After my rehab, I'm going to take a little trip to India to get started on my meditation."

Doctors have specified that there is currently no timetable for Singh's return to WWE. But our fans shouldn't worry, the Punjabi giant's right-hand man claims; even though he won't be at Khali's side, Singh is still in the big man's ear.

"The Great Khali and I have been communicating constantly; I continue to consult The Great Khali personally over the phone," Singh alerted, before issuing a warning to the SmackDown locker room. "The Great Khali is distracted by this, because I'm the only person who can communicate with him. Without me being there, I can't guarantee anyone of their safety. The Great Khali doesn't understand rules. He's going to run amok in the WWE. You can all expect The Great Khali to be even more vicious than before. Thank Undertaker for that."

The Punjabi giant's translator also had a special warning for the Superstar who injured him.

"Undertaker needs to watch his back because The Great Khali will be coming for him. He will feel the wrath of a 7-foot-3, 420-pound giant."

And as it relates to the World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania XXIV -- an opportunity Singh feels Undertaker should be stripped of as punishment for the attack -- the translator had a final message for The Phenom.

"I hope Edge breaks his precious little WrestleMania winning streak," Singh sneered. "But if Undertaker does win, he better hold onto that World Heavyweight Championship tight, because The Great Khali will be next in line to face him for the title."

Apparently, the thought of wearing championship gold translates into any language.

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