WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video

WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video

Friday night on SmackDown, General Manager Vickie Guerrero vengefully ordered an injured Rey Mysterio into a match against ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero. Somehow, the Ultimate Underdog was able to squeeze out a victory, so an unsatisfied Vickie called out Plan B: The massive Big Show!

At Vickie's behest, Big Show brutally attacked Rey, focusing on his injured right biceps muscle. The massive former WWE Champion then hoisted Mysterio up like a rag doll, punctuating his assault with a thunderous chokeslam that left the Master of the 619 crumpled in a heap in his own hometown.

The assault continued after Friday Night SmackDown went off the air, only in verbal form. As WWE medical trainers and referees tended to the fallen Mysterio, Big Show had some harsh words for the Master of the 619 as well as his good friend, Floyd Mayweather.

You can witness the carnage and see the aftermath for yourself right now in this exclusive video, courtesy of  WWE Mobile on AT&T.

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