Big words

Big words

Perhaps only the fury of hell itself can compare to that of an angry giant -- and, that's exactly how the volatile 7-foot Big Show was feeling just days after his second confrontation with Floyd "Money" Mayweather on Raw. The target of the leviathan? An injured, debilitated Rey Mysterio on Friday Night SmackDown.

"I am the most dominant figure in WWE," Big Show bellowed in the locker room, moments after the attack. "I'm not just a big guy, I'm an athlete -- the largest living athlete in the world. I'm fast, I'm strong and I'm very dangerous."

Following the masked Superstar's emotional revelation about his biceps surgery and his absence at WrestleMania XXIV, the "World's Largest Athlete" obliterated Mysterio in front of Rey's sold-out hometown crowd in San Diego. Leaning all of his weight onto Mysterio's injured right arm, Big Show then literally gripped and squeezed the Mexican Superstar's right biceps with his mammoth paws. The 7-foot force used his incredible strength to maul the Master of the 619, potentially causing irreversible damage to Mysterio's already torn biceps. (WATCH)

Though clearly orchestrated by a hate-fueled Vickie Guerrero, the giant's assault derived from something bigger than the SmackDown General Manager.

"People may ask why I did what I did, but in my mind it's just the opposite: Why not?" he barked. "I want to make examples and Rey Mysterio is around the same size as Floyd Mayweather; he reminds me of Floyd -- they're the same to me. I just want to get rid of them both."

It's been more than one year since Big Show's dominance has been seen -- or experienced -- in sports-entertainment, but his legacy is very suddenly easy to recall. As apparent by his heavy words and even more severe actions, the newly returned Superstar may be 108 pounds lighter, but certainly no less nasty.

"When I left WWE, I was pretty banged up, pretty hurt, pretty burned out," Show admitted, reducing his intimidating hostility. "I had time to completely step away, do some introspection, look at my life, take care of myself and get healthy. I am in better shape now then I was before I started wrestling almost 13 years ago."

When he returned to WWE at No Way Out, Show was intent on picking up where he left off on his trail of supremacy. According to the behemoth, his confrontation with Mysterio's friend, "Pretty Boy" Mayweather was a mere bump in the road -- a road that looks to potentially intersect yet again with the boxing champion.

"Floyd Mayweather better make sure his insurance is paid up and his mortgage is paid off because I'm going to put him out of professional sports for good," Show declared.

He continued, "[Mayweather's] days of being a bad boy, a troublemaker and a publicity hound are over. He better get used to rolling around in a wheelchair."

With Mayweather accepting Big Show's challenge on Raw, it is of high likelihood that the "World's Largest Athlete" will have his chance to permanently saddle the WBC welterweight champion in said wheelchair. Given his unrestrained, destructive actions on SmackDown against a competitor like Mysterio, Big Show means big business.

Big Show is back, and whether it's SmackDown, Raw or ECW, no single WWE Superstar may be safe from the wrathful giant.

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