Only way out

Only way out

HOUSTON -- With No Way Out just two days away, and the biggest Elimination Chamber in history looming, all six of the Superstars scheduled to compete in the sadistic structure saw action on SmackDown.

Chamber opponents Batista and United States Champion MVP kicked off SmackDown in a one-on-one contest. The Animal and the Ballin' Superstar had hopes of gaining momentum before fighting this Sunday for the right to become No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. And while MVP believes that winning the "richest prize in the game" is his destiny, the stars were aligned for Batista on Friday night.

After MVP seized control of the match and looked to steal a victory from the former World Champion, The Animal turned the tables and delivered a thunderous Batista Bomb to silence the cocky MVP and get the win. (WATCH)

Another Superstar hoping that his path to a title match at WrestleMania XXIV goes through the Elimination Chamber is Undertaker. On SmackDown, The Phenom stayed the course when he defeated ECW's lone Chamber representative, Big Daddy V. The rivalry between the two behemoths has been fierce and brutal, and The Dominating Force in WWE found out weeks ago on SmackDown that Undertaker is more dangerous and focused than ever when he was bloodied by The Deadman's newest submission maneuver.

The final two participants in the unprecedented second Elimination Chamber on Sunday in Las Vegas, Finlay and The Great Khali, revisited their volatile rivalry on SmackDown when they went toe-to-toe. The Irishman once again received an assist from Hornswoggle, whom Finlay saved from Mr. McMahon this past Monday night. (WATCH) With the referee distracted by the Chairman's illegitimate son, Finlay nailed Khali with the shillelagh to get the win.

All six Superstars are headed to the most dangerous match in WWE on Sunday when they step into the Elimination Chamber, and the stakes have never been higher with a trip to WrestleMania XXIV and World Heavyweight Championship opportunity on the line.

Trial by fire

As CM Punk continues his pursuit of ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero's title, the Straightedge Superstar enlisted the help of Kane in tag action against Chavo & Shelton Benjamin on SmackDown. After showing Chavo up yet again this past Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi, Punk gained another leg up with the Big Red Monster in his corner, as the duo defeated the ECW Champion and ECW's "Gold Standard," when Punk hit the Go To Sleep on Chavo.

Beatings and salutations

Last week, Michelle McCool watched in horror as Chuck Palumbo decimated her friend Jamie Noble. On SmackDown, the All-American Diva took on Victoria and McCool's former friend, Palumbo, who made his presence known when he rode his motorcycle to ringside. Palumbo's distraction allowed Victoria to hit the Widow's Peak on McCool for the victory. Then, after her loss, McCool received another caution from the revved-up Superstar, who warned the beatings on her friend, Jamie Noble, will continue.

Eight-Man euphoria

Looking to get back on track after two consecutive losses, Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore joined forces with Jesse & Festus to take on the foursome of Deuce & Domino and Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder. SmackDown's resident redneck picked up the win for his team when he hit a Moonsault on Domino. After the match was over, a brawl ensued, but Jesse rang the bell once more, and the "new" Festus unleashed his aggression on their opponents.  (WATCH)

Baby, you're all that I want

The World Heavyweight Champion promised he would ask a life-altering question on SmackDown, and the controversial Edge delivered, asking General Manager Vickie Guerrero to marry him. With the Rated-R Superstar's proposal, all seemed well for the happy couple, until Rey Mysterio voiced his disgust with the revelation. Edge attacked, and Rey fought back, delivering a 619 to the champion. When the Master of the 619 attempted to fly to take down his No Way Out opponent, Edge took the ultimate opportunity to get out of the line of fire, leaving his lover and future wife in Rey's path. Read the full story…

Check back with for video coverage throughout No Way Out weekend, live from Las Vegas.

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