Prelude to Satan's Structure

Prelude to Satan's Structure

FRESNO, Calif. -- Just two days before No Way Out, four of the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match participants fought it out in a Fatal Four Way, while another made his heroic return to SmackDown. But, in the midst of the pomp and circumstance, the opportunistic WWE Champion once again found a way to come out on top and steal the thunder from all of them.

Triple H vs. Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Vladimir Kozlov (No contest) (Fatal Four Way Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
WWE Champion Edge placed the blame for the neck injury he claimed to have sustained one week ago at  the hands of Undertaker squarely on the shoulders of his tag team partner, Big Show. SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero wasted no time announcing that she would not risk her husband competing until No Way Out this Sunday. However, after Big Show interrupted them and exchanged harsh words with the champion, Guerrero had no trouble informing him that he would be in a Fatal Four Way Match with three of his Elimination Chamber opponents: The Game, the Moscow Mauler, and The Phenom. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

In the critical climax of the grueling back and forth battle between four of WWE's most dominant Superstars, the Ultimate Opportunist suddenly dove into the action, spearing The World's Largest Athlete to snatch the momentum heading into No Way Out.

Jeff Hardy returns to SmackDown (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Seemingly recovered from the shocking attack by his brother Matt Hardy that cost him his WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble several weeks ago, Jeff Hardy made his return to SmackDown. Although he acknowledged that the events of recent weeks have affected him deeply, he told the WWE Universe that he intends to look forward, and is 100 percent focused on regaining his gold at No Way Out this Sunday.

Don't miss the punishment, as all six Superstars battle for the WWE Championship in the dreaded 16-foot-high, 10-ton ominous steel structure of the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out this Sunday. (Match Preview)

Montel Vontavious Porter def. Chavo Guerrero (DQ) (Photos)
After Chavo Guerrero eliminated MVP in last week's SmackDown Battle Royal, the reinvigorated Franchise Playa' was out for some payback. But, just as he was rallying from a hard-fought match, United States Champion Shelton Benjamin emerged from nowhere to deliver Pay Dirt, getting some retribution of his own after losing to MVP in a non-title match last week. However, this gave MVP the win by disqualification, continuing his winning streak. The self-proclaimed "Mexican warrior," Chavo Guerrero decided to add insult to injury, hitting the unconscious Ballin' Superstar with the Frog Splash and raising his own arms in victory.

World Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison def. WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo (Photos)
Carlito and Primo failed to get Nikki & Brie Bella flowers for Valentine's Day. But, Miz & Morrison did not. This prompted a match to determine which tag team champions would take out the Bella Twins on Valentine's Day night. With the referee distracted, Miz threw Primo from the top rope, setting up Morrison for the victory. Following the loss, Nikki & Brie exited ringside with the "Dirt Sheet" duo, leaving Carlito & Primo without the win or the Divas.

Maria def. Michelle McCool (Photos)
After being attacked weeks ago by Michelle McCool, Maria was out to even the score. Michelle, however, had every intention of continuing her vicious wrath upon SmackDown Divas, targeting Maria's injured ankle throughout their match. After her loss in debut singles action to McCool last week, Eve charged down the entrance ramp to help her friend Maria in any way she could. Michelle immediately started bullying the 2007 Diva Search winner, but Eve would not back down. However, the distraction created when McCool threw Eve into the ring allowed Maria to roll the former Divas Champion up for the three-count.

R-Truth def. Ezekiel Jackson  (Photos)
Despite a powerful onslaught by the intimidating Jackson, R-Truth ended Ezekiel's undefeated record, reversing The Brian Kendrick's associate's ura-nage finisher for the quick pin.

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