Jamie Noble injury update

Jamie Noble injury update

Superstar Jamie Noble was injured at the hands of Chuck Palumbo on SmackDown, furthering this friendship-turned-rivalry all in front of Diva Michelle McCool. The attack was one of the most brutal in SmackDown's recent history, and has re-injured the previously bruised ribs of Jamie Noble.

One week ago, Palumbo promised he would punish Noble as a result of McCool not accepting his apology, and the revved-up Superstar stayed true to his word, unleashing the massive beating on the already weakened Noble. Even as Michelle McCool pleaded with Chuck to stop the vicious assault, he would not; the incensed Superstar even threatened to run over Noble with his motorcycle.

Could this have been a result of McCool's words on WWE.com earlier in the week? How will Jamie Noble react to being incapacitated in front of Michelle McCool? Why has Chuck Palumbo gone from a good friend to a bully?

Stay tuned to WWE.com for more on Jamie Noble's injury as a result of Chuck Palumbo's apparent snapping, as well as where this all stands with the All-American Diva Michelle McCool.

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