Chamber mates

Chamber mates

READING, Pa. -- With General Manager Vickie Guerrero sidelined this week after being injured while protecting her lover Edge at Royal Rumble, Theodore Long was given the power on Friday Night SmackDown, and the Assistant GM wasted little time in making big moves involving No Way Out.

Claiming SmackDown would not be outdone by Raw, Long announced to our fans that there would be an unprecedented second Elimination Chamber Match on pay-per-view involving Superstars from SmackDown and ECW: Batista, Big Daddy V, MVP, The Great Khali, Finlay and Undertaker. (WATCH) The prize for the Superstar who comes out of the Chamber victorious at No Way Out: An opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXIV. All six Chamber competitors saw action on Friday night, hoping to gain early momentum two weeks before the showdown in the sadistic structure. (More on this match...)

To hell and back

Undertaker reunited with his brother Kane on SmackDown to defeat the team of Big Daddy V & Mark Henry. The Most Dominant Force in WWE and the World's Strongest Man were looking for revenge after last week when The Phenom took down Big Daddy V with a new submission maneuver — a move Henry said had "gone too far." Both Kane and The Deadman have had their difficulties with the dangerous duo of Big Daddy V & Henry in 2-on-1 assaults, but on SmackDown, the Brothers of Destruction evened the odds.

Unleashing the brutality they have exhibited repeatedly, the "Brothers Grimm" proved why they are one of the most intimidating duos in WWE history. Once more, Undertaker used his new submission maneuver, this time forcing Mark Henry to bleed from his mouth and submit, reminiscent of Big Daddy V last week.

If you can't beat ‘em, really beat ‘em

In a Royal Rumble rematch, United States Champion and Chamber participant MVP looked to once again end the career of Ric Flair in a Career Threatening Match. This past Sunday, MVP was unsuccessful in his bid to be the man who beat "the man" into retirement. In his second opportunity to cement his place in sports-entertainment history, MVP again failed when he refused to break his reversal of Flair's Figure Four Leglock, causing the disqualification.

The Franchise Playa then delivered a vicious assault to the "Nature Boy," leaving the 16-time World Champion injured. Will the Ballin' Superstar's beating put Flair's career in jeopardy when he faces Mr. Kennedy at No Way Out, or will "Naitch" show the resilience he has shown throughout his 35 years in sports-entertainment and keep "wooing" our fans? (WATCH)

True loyalty?

After protecting Hornswoggle from harm in the Royal Rumble Match this past Sunday, Finlay, one of the six Superstars competing in the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out, teamed up with his pint-sized partner to defeat the reeling Deuce & Domino. Hornswoggle spent most of this past Sunday under the ring, but as Big Daddy V & Mark Henry prepared to destroy him, Finlay saved the little guy. When confronted by Mr. McMahon on SmackDown for his Rumble motives, the Irishman told the Chairman that his reasons were his "loyalty and friendship" to Hornswoggle.

Eve's debut

2007 Diva Search Winner Eve made her debut on SmackDown, and the newest Diva's first task was interviewing Batista about the upcoming Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out. The Animal told Eve and our fans that he would win the match and go on to WrestleMania XXIV to challenge for the title. (WATCH)

Broken bonds

One week after causing injury to his "best friend," Chuck Palumbo's apology to Michelle McCool seemed sincere, until Palumbo began blaming Jamie Noble for his actions last week. Chuck's words weren't what McCool wanted to hear, and the SmackDown Diva decided to make a statement of her own, slapping the revved-up Superstar across the face in the middle of the wrong and rejecting his apology. (WATCH)

Streak stopped

Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore had been on an impressive winning streak over the past few weeks, but it ended at the hands of Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder on SmackDown. Yang & Moore have quickly become one of the top tag teams in WWE, but Hawkins & Ryder have designs of their own to take over the tag division.

This is the face of a returning Superstar

Jesse told our fans that next week, he and Festus will return to SmackDown. Festus has been out of action while receiving treatment for his bizarre personality condition. What will the duo do in their return to Friday nights and will Festus be cured? WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison speak out on Jesse & Festus' return. (WATCH)

Guerrero Family matters

World Heavyweight Champion Edge was informed earlier in the night by Assistant GM Theodore Long that he would face Rey Mysterio at No Way Out in a rematch for the title. The Rated-R Superstar then teamed with ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero to take on Mysterio & CM Punk. This past Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi, Punk attacked Guerrero during the ECW Champion's fiesta, furthering their rivalry in the Land of the Extreme. The Master of the 619 & the Straightedge Superstar showed Edge & Chavo that their dreams of taking the gold from the respective champions have only intensified. (WATCH) Read the whole story…

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