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Belfast Brawl brewing

Belfast Brawl brewing

This Friday on SmackDown, just two days before the Royal Rumble, Finlay will face The Great Khali in a Belfast Brawl. This edition of SmackDown marks the show's inaugural broadcast in HD, but also the second time the Belfast Brawl will be seen on network television.

The rules of the Belfast Brawl are simple: There are no submissions or disqualifications; you win when you pin your opponent. Similar to a Street Fight, this type of match has no limits on its rules, or its brutality. This Friday, the Irishman will undoubtedly look to capitalize on the loose in-ring regulations to better his chances against the 7-foot, 400-pound Punjabi giant -- much like he did in the very first Belfast Brawl in September 2007 when he defeated the Big Red Monster Kane, proving why this match is his specialty. And the Belfast-born Finlay will have to contend with more than just Khali's power and presence, but also the constant threat posed to his pint-sized pal.

In recent weeks, while protecting his friend Hornswoggle, Finlay has fallen victim to the power of Khali and the vicious Vise Grip, leaving the illegitimate offspring of Mr. McMahon to watch in horror as Khali decimated the Irishman -- and leaving our fans to wonder why Finlay would accept a match of this magnitude just 48 hours before he enters the Royal Rumble.

Whatever his reasons, Finlay is hell-bent on revenge when he faces Khali, and the man who loves to fight will certainly bring the ire of Ireland with him to the Belfast Brawl, as well as his great equalizer -- the shillelagh. With the stakes high on the verge of the Royal Rumble Match, and with more than just pride on the line, what will each Superstar do to make sure they come out on top in the Belfast Brawl? Will The Great Khali overpower Finlay just days before the Rumble and soften his limbs before the 30-man battle, or will the Irishman chop down the Punjabi giant to gain momentum heading into the World's Most Famous Arena?

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