Divas Champion Maryse returns to SmackDown

Divas Champion Maryse returns to SmackDown

Divas Champion Maryse made her long-awaited return to SmackDown this week. Maryse dislocated her kneecap late last month during a live event in Raleigh, N.C., and hasn't gotten back in the ring just yet, but she did join Tazz and J.R. at the announce table on Friday night. (MARYSE'S RECOVERY PHOTOS)

Read more in Maryse's blog on WWE Universe.

Michelle McCool & Natalya faced Brie & Nikki Bella in tag team action, but the match was interrupted when a vengeful Maria attacked McCool. The All-American Girl's mean streak only intensified this week when she brutally tossed Maria into a barrier outside the ring. All the while, Maryse -- who called McCool her "No. 1 fan" -- sat at the announce table and enjoyed the view. (PHOTOS)

"That's interesting!" Maryse said of the altercation between McCool and Maria. The Divas Champion could only smile as she watched another one of the McCool's outbursts.

"She lost her cool, knowing that I'm the true Diva. Just look at me. What do you see?" Maryse asked Tazz. "What you see is beauty, style, a little vision of perfection."

While it's still unclear when Maryse will return to action on SmackDown, one thing is certain -- she's highly anticipating getting in the ring with McCool.

"I seriously can't wait to have a rematch with her and show her who is the queen of the ring -- it's me," said the confident Divas Champion.

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