No fear

No fear

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- With Royal Rumble just nine days away, Rey Mysterio decided to do the unthinkable -- call out World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker. Although Mysterio escaped The Deadman's wrath, he did not fair so well when The Animal came charging into the ring.

After calling out The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio was attacked by Batista (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Standing in the middle of the ring, Rey Mysterio called out his Royal Rumble opponent, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker. After recalling winning a World Title four years ago, The Master of the 619 said The Deadman was the only thing standing between reliving his dream again.

Not phased by Mysterio's confidence, The Phenom said Mysterio is only digging his own grave, and will "rest in peace" -- just like the many other Superstars who have tried to make a name for themselves against The Deadman.

Then, as Undertaker made his way up the exit ramp, Mysterio shouted into the mic that he is not like the rest who have faced The Phenom. Next, from out of nowhere, Batista viciously assaulted Mysterio with a spinebuster and Batista Bomb, leaving him writing in pain. Finally, as The Deadman approached the ring to witness the carnage, The Animal disappeared into the crowd.

Finlay def. Batista by disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the first match of the night, Finlay was the one who had the unpleasant experience of encountering the angry Animal. After failing to heed the ref's call to break a hold outside of the ring, Batista was immediately disqualified. Then -- full of pent-up frustration at not having an opportunity for the World Title -- The Animal unloaded on The Fighting Irishman, leaving him in a decimated heap.

Afterward, Batista grabbed the mic to call out Royal Rumble participants Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and John Cena, all the while proceeding to stomp on Finlay. The Animal boldly declared he would win the Royal Rumble Match, and go on to defeat World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker at WrestleMania and break his 17-0 streak.

Unified Tag Team Champions DX vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows announced (WATCH)
CM Punk declared that he and Luke Gallows will defeat Unified Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and Triple H next week on SmackDown, restoring dignity to the title. Punk also claimed he will become the first straightedge Superstar to win the Royal Rumble Match.

CM Punk welcomed a female member to the "Straightedge Society" (PHOTOS | WATCH)
For the past two weeks, male members of the WWE Universe have been inducted into the "Straightedge Society" by CM Punk. But on this night, Serena, a female member of the WWE Universe, welcomed straightedge into her life and accepted CM Punk as her savior. The latest "Straightedge Society" induction ceremony culminated in CM Punk shaving off Serena's entire beautiful head of hair!

John Morrison & R-Truth def. Drew McIntyre & Chris Jericho (PHOTOS | WATCH)
A match originally orchestrated as a 2-on-1 Handicap Match -- by order of Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guererro -- was turned into a standard Tag Team Match by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. Before the bell, Long added R-Truth to the battle, which proved to be a beneficial addition for The Friday Night Delight. With a well-timed Scissors Kick, Truth dropped Chris Jericho and covered him for the pinfall. Next week, Morrison and McIntyre will meet in a No Disqualification title match on SmackDown.

Women's Champion Michelle McCool, Layla and Beth Phoenix attacked Mickie James (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Claiming that Mickie James is leaving SmackDown for good, Women's Champion Michelle McCool and Layla hosted an in-ring going away party for Mickie James. As usual, the duo hurled insults, such as "Piggy James." After exchanging words, the party was spoiled when a full-blown brawl broke out with Maria battling Layla, and Michelle battling Mickie.

Then, Beth Phoenix charged into the ring to join the fray. At first she hesitated as to which side she was going to choose, but then finally grabbed Maria and cleared her from the ring. Next, The Glamazon helped Layla hold Mickie, while Michelle smashed cake in her face and poured a bowl of punch over her head. Mickie was reduced to tears after the ugly assault. Mickie and Michelle will meet again at Royal Rumble. (Match preview)

Cryme Tyme vs. Charlie Haas & Mike Knox ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Before this tag team battle could really get going, Kane entered the arena to make a bold statement by tossing all four Superstars from the ring. Clearly, The Big Red Monster is ready for Royal Rumble.

The Great Khali & Matt Hardy def. The Hart Dynasty (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Despite the sexy, smart and powerful Natalya's attempt at distracting The Great Khali outside of the ring, his partner, Matt Hardy, took care of business by wrapping up David Hart Smith in an inside cradle to get the win.

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