Kennedy seeks a new term

Kennedy seeks a new term

Mr. Kennedy may not be related to the controversial clan of the political arena, though analysts would likely predict that the surname itself is enough to elicit the same type of spin-doctoring techniques that enable him to dance around the tough questions.

Prior to last Friday's SmackDown, Kennedy gave his word that he "would never do anything" to ensure that no one would best his Beat the Clock Sprint time of five minutes and seven seconds. Yet, in true political fashion, he lied -- or as any savvy politician may explain it, he changed his mind based on knowing all of the facts.

The facts in this case? Kennedy made an impact on the match numerous times, with the final interjection costing Undertaker, who was poised for a pace-setting pinfall against The Miz, to distract the referee long enough for the official time clock to tick past the mark to beat.

"I don't really care about people who say I cheated; I won," he said with a self-satisfied smile. "The only thing that matters in this business is "W's" and "L's," and I got a huge "W" today."

Kennedy's right in one sense. No one knows -- or cares -- about second place finishers in any sport. When's the last time an Olympic silver medalist was praised for placing "first loser?" 

Still, the arrogance emitting from Kennedy's rants of "destiny" is a scent he may want to mask whenever he's around the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. The gold is sacred to The Animal, and anyone approaching his domain had better do so with the utmost caution and respect. That also includes not rolling one's eyes at the mention of the champion's name, like Kennedy does.

"I've worked eight long years to get here," he argued, "and I've sacrificed a lot. Besides, there's something to be said that I've beaten six World Champions in this past year alone. Talk about some foreshadowing in that statistic, would you?"

However he has managed to do it -- by hook (of the tights) or by crook -- Kennedy now heads into the Royal Rumble to face The Animal, a Superstar he had previously defeated twice last summer. And now that SmackDown's reigning loudmouth has beaten the clock, can he make the most of his first-ever World Championship opportunity … and institute a new Kennedy Administration?

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