Out of the fire and into the…

Out of the fire and into the…

Montel Vontavious Porter has enlisted an army of specialists to prepare for his first match since suffering third degree burns at Armageddon.

WWE.com caught up with MVP while he was visiting a spa in Sedona, Ariz., to discuss his recovery and his match this Friday.

"Theodore Long should not be occupying the position that he is," said MVP. "I nearly died because he wanted to give these obnoxious, worthless fans something to satiate them. I guess I was some kind of a sacrificial lamb."

MVP, who was between reflexology and crystal meditation sessions, was reluctant to disclose the full details of his recovery regime, but did give some insight.

"I've had specialists from all over the world fly in to try to heal me as quickly as possible," he said. "I've had physical therapy, rehab, I've even had Chinese herbalists brew up a special salve so that my flesh can heal quicker."

The Superstar went on to explain that he plans to have his trainer tape his back prior to the match to avoid further damage. However, MVP quickly brought the conversation back around to SmackDown's General Manager.

"I am the biggest investment in the history of SmackDown, but because my agent, who is a hell of a negotiator - or was - and negotiated the best possible deal, Theodore Long took that personally," said MVP. "Because he is incapable of separating business from his personal feelings, he wanted to be vindictive and put me in a match that didn't have SmackDown's best interests at heart."

Money, it appears, has become a larger issue for MVP than his actual burn. While the SmackDown GM's office declined to comment on the situation, WWE.com has obtained documents that suggest MVP is sending Long bills for his post-injury expenses.

Some of the bills, even though they were excessive, were typical for a burn injury of this severity: doctor visits, alternative medicine treatments, counseling sessions for mental trauma, and occupational therapy. However, Long's office has also received countless bills that are atypical, such as the $5,000 clothing reimbursement. Attached to the bill is an explanation that he requires new wrestling attire, made from special materials to help with temperature sensitivity.

In addition to the bills, Long's office has also been inundated with calls from activist groups to OSHA, who have been harassed by MVP's lawyers for support in his claims against SmackDown. Charitable organizations have also complained that MVP has approached them for donations towards his exorbitant bills.

When asked about the expenses, MVP evaded the question, and claimed Long should focus not on the money he should part with, but rather on what it is that he has.

"What if I wasn't the unbreakable, superhuman, half- man half-amazing individual that I am?" he asked. "Think about that. How many people could come back in a matter of weeks to compete in a WWE arena. How many people would have the physical wherewithal to climb in that ring and do what I do, to compete with the most gifted athletes in the world, other than me?"

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