MVP's NFL Picks

MVP's NFL Picks

With the NFL Wild Card weekend approaching and teams clashing for a spot in the Super Bowl, spoke to United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter for his thoughts on the 2007 NFL season and his most valuable players in each division. Here's what MVP had to say:

This was an interesting year in the NFL -- almost as interesting as watching me on SmackDown. Some teams we expected to see in the playoffs, but who would've thought we'd see the New York Giants and their unreliable quarterback, Eli Manning? Or, a team like Green Bay getting a first-round bye?

Speaking of perfection, you gotta give the MVP for the AFC to Tom Brady. Love him or hate him, the boy can throw the ball. The guy was never rattled in the pocket, and how often did you see him make a mistake? When the game was on the line, you could count on him, just like the WWE officials and SmackDown's management count on me to display prime athletic talent. Now, if Brady could throw down in the ring, it'd be a different story when he came up against me, Half-Man, Half-Amazing.

As for the NFC, my personal pick for MVP is T.O. When he trademarked the name "I Love Me Some Me" for theme restaurants, I thought, man, now that's what I'm talking about. He's thinking just like an MVP should. But, T.O. is injured … again. He better show up come game time, or it's going to be a long off-season for him. There ain't no break time to recuperate in WWE, that's why I truly am the ultimate MVP.

Overall, the MVP in the entire NFL is without a doubt, Randy Moss. You can't argue with perfection. A guy like me who is the perfect athlete knows a good thing when he sees it. When you need to go deep down the field, the guy you want to throw to -- when I'm not running yards -- is my man, Moss.

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