Get Great like Khali in 2008

Get Great like Khali in 2008

In the very few first days of 2008, there are three words coming from virtually everyone's mouth: New Year's Resolution.

For many -- possibly you included -- such a pledge entails physical change, getting in shape. But, before you join the one-quarter of Americans who ditch their resolutions within a matter of days, why not consider training like a 7-foot-3 Punjabi giant?

"The Great Khali bears the most extraordinary physique in WWE history -- let alone the planet," Ranjin Singh declared. "The Great Khali's muscles are at least four times the size of an average man. He is a natural marvel -- not some ordinary wrestling fan."

Initially, Singh admonished for trying to interfere in The Great Khali's matters and snickered at the thought of any human trying to exercise like the Punjabi Warrior. Still, Khali's translator relished in the opportunity to boast on behalf of the 420-pound goliath.

The former World Heavyweight Champion works out in private facilities, maintaining his inhuman frame and might using free weights. While fortifying his extraordinary physique, Khali also does a minimum of 60 minutes of strictly cardiovascular training, primarily on a custom-built, oversized elliptical machine.

To begin his week, Khali's bodybuilding regimen includes 600-pound bench presses, 300-pound shoulder presses and arm curls using weights of 150 pounds -- "all humble feats for him," according to Singh.

The next day, Khali stacks weights to the max for his lats workout and also focuses on his biceps, pulling an incredible 300 pounds on the rowing machine. On a completely separate day, the colossus centers his attention on his lower extremities with leg presses, leg extensions and calf workouts -- all in "repetition for countless hours until he just starts to break a sweat," Singh affirmed.

Unlike the "chocolate laden cookies" that Singh argued "most average individuals fancy," Khali's diet is greatly comprised of the finest, freshest vegetarian produce. From broccoli hearts to whole carrots to rare vegetation found only in his native Punjab, the 7-footer is fed nearly a dozen servings of greens, occasionally garnishing full roasted chickens. This feast is also very similar to the meal that the mammoth Superstar devours just prior to a match.

This physical exercise procedure wouldn't be complete without the leviathan's more ethereal daily routines. Each day, Khali spends 90 minutes in very deep, undisturbed meditation. Seated on the floor with his legs crossed, he brings his gargantuan frame to a still position and channels deities of Indian lore -- many of which Khali himself has been compared to in his native city. This "spiritual nirvana," Singh claims, commences Khali's training regime and prepares the towering Superstar for "WWE domination."

Impressive as Khali is, most ordinary folk are far lesser beings (in size) than the towering 400-pounder -- as Singh reinforced. So, naturally, at this point, if you're among the 67 percent of the population who sets three or four New Year's Resolutions, you might be hopping to plan B.

There's always 2009.

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