GM Theodore Long’s SupershowDown a coup d'état?

GM Theodore Long’s SupershowDown a coup d'état?

This Tuesday at 8/7 CT, a blockbuster SuperSmackDown on Syfy will unleash itself upon the WWE Universe. However, with all the talk of conspiracies in WWE these days (read more), is it possible that SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long could be making a move to surpass WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw?

Even though Raw stands firm as the longest running episodic show on cable television, SmackDown’s edgy, often-controversial action has run the table on the latter part of the week for more than a decade – first on Thursdays, then on Fridays. With all it has accomplished, Teddy Long knows as much as anyone that there is no limit to where the show can go.

The circumstances surrounding SuperSmackDown raise interesting questions as to why exactly the SmackDown GM may be attempting such an ambitious undertaking. For one thing, there’s the question of talent. In addition to the SmackDown roster – featuring such elite Superstars as World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, Christian, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Sheamus, Sin Cara and Wade Barrett – Teddy Long has invited the entire Raw roster as well. By attaching such high-profile names to his already explosive group of grapplers, Long has added an enormous amount of legitimacy to his special, making it a must-see event. Why would the GM go to all that trouble if he didn’t expect to get something back?

Then, there is also the conspicuous fact that Long – known for his extreme diligence regarding his Friday Night responsibilities – was absent on the Aug. 26 edition of SmackDown in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (full results). Could he have been working out last-minute details to mount some serious challenge, while everyone else was busy watching WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart? Or was he simply staying out of the spotlight, trying to avoid questions about the motives for Tuesday’s monumental special?

There is also the unavoidable fact that Raw stands without official leadership at the moment. Even though the anonymous Raw General Manager has been absent for some time, WWE COO Triple H has stepped forth to make several huge decisions on the Monday night phenomenon. However, despite his Raw presence, the COO is in reality, an officer of the entire WWE. He has just as much interest in the well-being of SmackDown that he has with Raw. Could the very notion that there is no direct opposition to his actions be tempting the SmackDown GM to take advantage of the situation?

SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long is, without a doubt, extremely dedicated to his charge. Yet, it’s that very realization that begs the question: Just how far will he go to make SmackDown the official leader of WWE? (full SmackDown coverage)

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