Bayley and Sasha Banks retaliated against Lacey Evans

Bayley and Sasha Banks retaliated against Lacey Evans

After Lacey Evans dropped Sasha Banks last week during her confrontation with The Boss and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, The Sassy Southern Belle continued to make waves by quickly taking down a local competitor with the Woman’s Right.

Evans’ night would’ve ended there, but The Boss soon sauntered down to the ring.

Still peeved about last week’s Woman’s Right, Banks reminded The Lady of WWE that she was still the leader of the Women’s division, but The Boss struck a nerve when she mentioned Lacey’s daughter, leading to Evans calling out Banks’ character and daring her to step into the ring. Sasha obliged and went face to face with Evans, but when Evans feigned another Woman’s Right, Banks collapsed to the canvas in fear.

Satisfied with unsettling Sasha, Evans made her exit, but she was suddenly blindsided by Bayley, who knocked her to the ground. Sasha recovered and got a few licks on Lacey as well.

Bayley and Banks stood tall over the downed Evans, but what will happen next as this already incredibly personal rivalry intensifies?

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