Roman Reigns def. Robert Roode

Roman Reigns vs. Robert Roode: SmackDown, Nov. 29, 2019

After King Corbin offers Robert Roode to do his bidding, The Big Dog squares off with The Glorious One as Dolph Ziggler looks on at ringside.

Joining forces to battle for brand supremacy, in theory, should have brought SmackDown's Superstars together, but Survivor Series only escalated the conflict between Roman Reigns and King Corbin

Reigns walked into SmackDown in Birmingham, Ala., looking to get his hands on Corbin, but the blue brand's highness instead opted to throw one of his royal disciples in his way.

That was no problem for The Big Dog, who defeated Robert Roode in singles action, then sent an even louder message to his royal rival. 

Days after he was the sole survivor to win the five-on-five-on-five Survivor Series Match for the blue brand, Reigns kicked off SmackDown to wish the WWE Universe a Happy Thanksgiving and express his gratitude to all of his peers on Team SmackDown — except for Corbin, instead calling him out to the ring. 

The King answered and blamed The Big Dog's "ego" for Team Blue's infighting at Survivor Series. Reigns posited that the two could settle their issue right then and there, but Corbin elected to have Roode fight his battle on this night. 

That set into motion what was essentially a three-on-one Handicap Match with Corbin and Roode's tag team partner Dolph Ziggler at ringside, and the two made their presence felt to help Roode control much of the action. 

With Corbin distracting the official after handing his scepter to Roode, The Glorious One looked to finish off Reigns, but he instead ate a decisive Spear. 

The fight was only beginning for Reigns at that point. The Big Dog had to battle all three adversaries after the bell, but Roode received the worst punishment after Reigns evaded what would have been a devastating scepter blow with his head resting on an unfolded steel chair. 

Incensed at what appeared to be an attempt to put him out of action for good, The Big Dog again crushed Roode with a Spear, this time through the barricade with Corbin helplessly watching from the ramp.

From there, Reigns buried Roode in a rubble of the barricade, announce desk and other ringside instruments, leaving Corbin with much to ponder before he made his next move

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