Chad Gable ruined Baron Corbin’s King of the Ring coronation

Chad Gable interrupts the coronation of Baron Corbin: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 17, 2019

As Baron Corbin addresses the “lowly peasants of the WWE Universe,” Chad Gable intervenes during the coronation and breaks the new king’s crown, scepter and throne.

Baron Corbin proved to be the ultimate buzzkill for the WWE Universe on Monday night when he defeated Chad Gable in the final round of the King of the Ring Tournament, but Chad Gable returned the buzzkill vibes tonight.

King Corbin was basking in his newfound royal glory with a crown and scepter, but his first royal decree backfired in spectacular fashion. After summoning Gable to the ring, Corbin had ample insults toward the Superstar he defeated in the final.

In response, Gable unleashed a destructive attack on the new squared-circle monarch, jumping all over Corbin like a spider monkey and wailing on him with the scepter. The fired-up competitor cleared Baron from the ring and destroyed his crown, cape, throne and everything else in sight to leave Corbin livid. 

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