Will Kofi Kingston be out for payback after Orton’s vicious attack?

Randy Orton brutally attacks Kofi Kingston: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 27, 2019

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is ready for Randy Orton at WWE Clash of Champions, but The Viper takes their rivalry to another level when he targets the WWE Champion’s family.

Last week on SmackDown LIVE, Randy Orton sent WWE Champion Kofi Kingston into a rage by once again targeting the champion’s family, this time by reading a letter allegedly from Kingston’s son.

Kingston’s fury seemingly played right into The Viper’s hands, as the WWE Champion charged to the backstage area to brawl with Orton. WWE’s Apex Predator took advantage of the close quarters, driving Kingston into the floor with a DDT.

The WWE Champion is sure to be looking to make Orton pay ahead of their title showdown at WWE Clash of Champions. Will he be out for retribution tonight? 

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