Erick Rowan decimated both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

Erick Rowan decimated both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan still wanted his apology from Roman Reigns. What he wond up with was quite different.

Bryan, insisting that he was not a liar, demanded that The Big Dog apologize for spearing him last week and for accusing him of lying. Reigns arrived, but before he could reply, his attacker Erick Rowan blindsided him and began a vicious assault.

Bryan seemingly attempted to stop Rowan’s attack, but Erick shoved Bryan down and continued the beating. Once Reigns was firmly down, Rowan grabbed a microphone, begged Bryan to come into the ring and slap him, reveled in what he has done to Reigns and admitted to being his attacker. Rowan would then look to continue his attack on his WWE Clash of Champions opponent, looking to crash Roman through the announcer’s desk. However, Bryan would attempt to intervene and stop Erick, proceeding to slap him in the face. This would then lead Rowan to smashing Bryan through the table, letting Bryan, and seemingly the entire WWE Universe, know that he was nobody’s puppet.

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