Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan demand an apology from Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan and Rowan reveal Roman Reigns’ attacker: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 20, 2019

Daniel Bryan and Rowan look to pay their debt to The Big Dog by revealing the man behind the recent attacks.

Last Tuesday’s SmackDown LIVE ended on a shocking note, as Daniel Bryan revealed the man who he claims orchestrated the recent attacks on Roman Reigns. When Bryan pulled the hood off the mysterious figure, revealing a man who bore a striking resemblance to Erick Rowan, Reigns and the WWE Universe were left with more questions than answers.

In the wake of this revelation, Bryan & Erick Rowan feel the case is closed and are now demanding an apology from Reigns for even thinking they were behind the attacks.

Will The Big Dog apologize?

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