Randy Orton targeted Kofi Kingston’s family before chaotic bedlam ensued

Randy Orton targeted Kofi Kingston’s family before chaotic bedlam ensued

Following Randy Orton’s blatant and aggressive attempts to prey on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston in recent weeks, Kingston kicked off SmackDown LIVE with a clear mission: defend his title against Orton at WWE Clash of Champions so that he could retaliate on The Viper for everything that he’s done to him, his family and The New Day. However, as Kingston would quickly find out, The Apex Predator was ready to stoop even lower.

Orton appeared on the TitanTron, calling Kofi stupid an almost infinite amount of times, with a letter from a young WWE Universe member. The Viper claimed that the letter was from no ordinary young fan, but Kofi’s son, Kai, who was writing Randy to get him to leave his dad alone. Randy read the letter aloud to a seething Kingston and claimed that he was in the same hotel as the Kingston family, and The Viper seemed to revel in the idea of going to see Kofi’s family at the hotel right now.

Kingston darted out of the ring with purpose and met Orton in the backstage area, setting off a wild brawl. Kofi walloped The Viper with several blows, but The Apex Predator soon got the upper hand and DDT’d the WWE Champion off a production crate onto the ground below before WWE personnel intervened and Orton exited.

Kingston was down, and Orton is now up in every facet imaginable as WWE Clash of Champions approaches.

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