Randy Orton def. Big E

Big E vs. Randy Orton: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 27, 2019

Big E stands up to Randy Orton after The Viper’s heinous attack on Kofi Kingston.

Following Randy Orton’s ominous and haunting words earlier that led to the brutal brawl between he and Kofi Kingston in the evening, a bout between he and Big E was made official, but Big E was tasked with having to fend off more than just The Viper.

Clearly looking to defend the honor of his New Day brother Kofi Kingston, Big E came out of the gates hot, flinging The Apex Predator into the steel steps and hurling him over the announce table. However, the match took a critical turn when Orton raked Big E’s eyes and began to systematically tear him apart. The New Day member refused to let The Viper’s dirty tactics slow him down, but The Revival soon hit the scene and nailed Big E with hits to his head behind the official’s back that opened Big E up to a pinpoint RKO for the victory.

The onslaught wouldn’t end there. With Kofi Kingston receiving medical attention after his earlier brawl with Orton, The Apex Predator and The Revival lifted the already battered Big E for their devastating Super RKO to lay the big man out.

Orton had made his second statement of the night, and neither were particularly kind to The New Day.

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