What will be the fallout of Roman Reigns’ attack on McMahon & McIntyre?

Roman Reigns storms into Shane McMahon’s VIP room: Raw, June 17, 2019

The Big Dog fights off The Revival and gets his hands on “The Best in the World,” six nights before he battles Drew McIntyre at WWE Stomping Grounds.

Last night on Raw, Drew McIntyre seemingly crossed the line when he targeted Roman Reigns’ family in a war of words, just days before their battle at WWE Stomping Grounds. The Scottish Psychopath’s rant sent The Big Dog into a rage.

Reigns hunted down McIntyre in Shane McMahon’s VIP room, where The Big Dog slammed McIntyre through a table, then chased Shane-O-Mac into the arena. The Best in the World thought he had gotten away from Reigns, only for The Big Dog to fly over the barricade and go on the attack, demolishing McMahon with a Superman Punch and Spear. 

Will there be any fallout from this wild throwdown just five nights before Reigns and McIntyre square off at Stomping Grounds?

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