Heavy Machinery def. The B-Team

Heavy Machinery vs. The B-Team: SmackDown LIVE, June 18, 2019

Five days before their SmackDown Tag Team Title Match at Stomping Grounds, Otis & Tucker look to tune up against The B-Team, as the titleholders watch from ringside.

With SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan at the commentary table and The Beard ranting about how he and his towering partner are in a league of their own in the tag team division, Heavy Machinery looked to take down former Raw Tag Team Champions The B-Team to prove once and for all that they’ve earned the right to challenge the titleholders on Sunday.

Otis & Tucker continued to impress with a barrage of punishing strikes before finishing off the duo with their staggering Compactor double-team for the win, gaining another convincing victory before challenging the champs at WWE Stomping Grounds.

The B-Team had little time to recuperate though, as Universal Champion Seth Rollins slid in to the ring and attacked them with a steel chair. Rollins, as he had been doing all last night and tonight, targeted Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas due to Baron Corbin’s overture to see if either was interested in being Special Guest Referee for his Universal Title Match against Rollins this Sunday.

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