Heavy Machinery def. local competitors

Heavy Machinery def. local competitors

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan arrived with intentions of defending their titles against the “Yolo County Tag Team Champions” in a title unification match. However, those plans were diverted when Heavy Machinery arrived and claimed that Bryan and Rowan were still ducking their challenge for a SmackDown Tag Team Title Match. Heavy Machinery were ready to scrap, and Bryan gave them that chance by suggesting that they be the ones to take on the Yolo County Tag Team Champs.

With Bryan and Rowan observing at ringside, Otis & Tucker demolished their opposition, finishing them off with the Compactor, clearly proving they belong in the ring with the real Tag Team Champions.

Heavy Machinery want more championships: WWE.com Exclusive, June 11, 2019

After dethroning the Yolo County Tag Team Champions on SmackDown LIVE, Otis & Tucker say it's inevitable that the SmackDown Tag Team Titles are next.

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