The “Wild Card Rule” sets up an unexpected WWE Championship Match

AJ Styles & Sami Zayn take advantage of the “Wild Card Rule”: SmackDown LIVE, May 7, 2019

The first two Raw Superstars to appear on the blue brand via Mr. McMahon’s “Wild Card Rule” are AJ Styles and Sami Zayn, who find themselves in a WWE Championship Match tonight.

LOUISVILLE — With Mr. McMahon’s “Wild Card Rule” having played a major role on Monday’s Raw, it seemed like a safe bet that it would do the same on SmackDown LIVE. Turns out, it would be more than major … it would be Phenomenal.

Raw Superstar AJ Styles wasted no time using the “Wild Card Rule” to touch down on the blue brand, proclaiming that it was still The House That AJ Styles Built. Raw’s Sami Zayn, fresh out of the dumpster Braun Strowman threw him in the night before, promptly interrupted and demanded that AJ go back to Raw “where he belonged.”

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods quickly interrupted, and Kofi suggested that he was willing to defend the WWE Title against The Phenomenal One tonight. However, Zayn wouldn’t allow it, saying that he was the most deserving of a WWE Championship opportunity because he tells it like it is to the WWE Universe.

Kofi responded boldly though, saying that after his defeat of Daniel Bryan last night, he proved that he was here to stay as WWE Champion and was confident he could defeat Styles or Zayn and would happily defend his title against either of them tonight ... but it would shortly after be announced that Kofi would defend the title against both Superstars in a Triple Threat Match.

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