Kevin Owens crashed Kofi Kingston’s exclusive interview and caused havoc

Kevin Owens attacks Xavier Woods: SmackDown LIVE, April 30, 2019

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston reacts to Kevin Owens' betrayal, only for KO to strike again.

Ohio State University — After Kevin Owens shockingly betrayed The New Day last week, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston arrived on SmackDown LIVE to give an exclusive in-ring interview to the WWE Universe. Kingston tried his hardest to remain his usual positive and chipper self, but the WWE Champion just could not shake the memories of Kevin Owens savagely attacking The New Day last week. After The Dreadlocked Dynamo reflected on his 11-year journey, he challenged KO to a WWE Title fight at the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

That was all Owens needed to hear. KO hit the scene, accepted Kofi’s challenge and immediately started to attempt to get into Kofi’s head, boldly stating that Kingston was not WWE Championship material. Owens’ rant was cut short, however, as Xavier Woods darted out from the backstage area to retaliate on Owens from the attack one week ago. Xavier got some solid licks in on Owens, but KO turned the tables and dropped Woods with a kick square to the jaw. Owens bolted from the scene before Kofi could come to his friend’s aid.

After KO’s latest attack on The Power of Positivity, a concerned Kofi tended to his injured New Day brother, who slowly made it back to his feet with the help of the WWE Champion.

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