How will The Miz bounce back after crushing loss to Shane McMahon?

The Miz mercilessly assaults Shane McMahon for attacking Miz's dad: WrestleMania 35 (WWE Network Exclusive)

When Shane McMahon attacks The Miz's father, The A-Lister goes on the warpath in their Falls Count Anywhere Match: Courtesy of WWE Network.

Shane McMahon once again put his hands on The Miz’s father on Sunday at WrestleMania, sending The A-Lister into a rage that brought their Falls Count Anywhere Match all around MetLife Stadium.

But The Miz’s fury may have cost him. A superplex from a camera tower sent both competitors plummeting through a platform on the stadium floor. But upon their crash-landing, Shane-O-Mac was on top of The Miz, and he secured the three-count to win the battle.

There’s no doubt that The Miz was crushed that he didn’t get the ultimate victory over his former friend. How will he rebound?

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