After Ronda Rousey’s vicious assault on Becky Lynch just 24 hours prior on Raw, Charlotte Flair personally invited Lynch to SmackDown LIVE – ahead of their high-stakes matchup at WWE Fastlane – for what she claimed would be a “friendly discussion.”

Lynch, still hurting from Ronda’s attack, arrived and made it clear that although she took Rousey’s best last night, she was still standing tough. The Man let the WWE Universe know that she was still in Charlotte’s head, a claim that angered Charlotte enough to beat the tar out of The Irish Lass Kicker. Charlotte’s hubris would get the best of her though, as her persistent taunting allowed Becky to use her crutch as a weapon to take Charlotte down and then lock in the Dis-arm-her before officials rushed out to separate the two Superstars.

However, there will be no separating The Man and The Queen this Sunday at WWE Fastlane, when they meet with major WrestleMania implications on the line.

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