The Miz to issue a public apology to Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon makes wild Coast-to-Coast leap in SmackDown Tag Team Title bout: WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Shane McMahon & The Miz put their titles on the line against the hard-charging Usos: Courtesy of WWE Network.

After taking the fall that cost The Co-Besties the SmackDown Tag Team Championship on Sunday, The Miz, at first, was apologetic to Shane McMahon. Later on in the evening, though, The A-Lister seemingly couldn’t contain his anger at himself, even as Shane-O-Mac told him not to worry about it.

Miz refused to listen, leading to McMahon sending him home from Houston. The Awesome One has apparently cooled off, and will issue a public apology to his partner in New Orleans.

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