Becky Lynch slapped Triple H during a volatile confrontation

Becky Lynch slapped Triple H during a volatile confrontation

Charlotte Flair kicked off SmackDown LIVE by not so subtly hinting that she would more than happily take Becky Lynch’s place if the now-suspended Irish Lass Kicker couldn’t get healthy in time for WrestleMania.

Lynch immediately emerged from the WWE Universe, hopping the barricade, more than ready to give Charlotte a piece of her mind. WWE officials sprinted to the ring to separate the two rivals, and Triple H arrived and dismissed Charlotte before speaking to Becky. The Game initially told her that she was only putting herself in jeopardy by foregoing the grounds of her suspension and refusing to allow doctors to look at her knee. The Man fired back by stressing that she did not trust Triple H and reminding him of what she did to his wife last night, wondering aloud if he should check if Stephanie is medically cleared after Becky punched her in the face.

An infuriated Triple H lambasted The Irish Lass Kicker, calling her self-destructive and questioning her injuries and mindset. The Cerebral Assassin then doubled down, accusing Lynch of being scared – but not of what would happen if she couldn’t fight Rousey, but also if she could. That was the final straw for Lynch, who slapped Triple H, clearly without fear of repercussions. Triple H seethed as The Man stared him down, smiled and then exited back through the audience, defying authority for the second consecutive night.

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