United States Champion R-Truth def. Rusev

R-Truth vs. Rusev - United States Championship Match: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 29, 2019

After being called out by Rusev following his championship victory, R-Truth immediately defends his newly-won title against The Bulgarian Brute.

Rusev blitzed the new United States Champion out of the gates, but much like Nakamura moments earlier, The Super Athlete took his eye off the prize, allowing Truth to catch him off-guard with a rollup for his first successful title defense!

Rusev lost his mind after the shocking defeat, as did Nakamura, who was still at ringside. Once again, before Truth could celebrate his massive victory, he was attacked from behind by Nakamura. The King of Strong Style then threw the battered champion into the ring, and a still-fuming Rusev continued the attack before he and Nakamura put the boots to Truth together, dropping him with a Machka Kick and a Kinshasa.

The two Superstars eventually seemed satisfied with their dirty work, standing triumphantly as Truth laid motionless on the mat.

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