The Bar interrupted The Miz’s “Bestie Birthday Bash” for Shane McMahon

The Bar interrupted The Miz’s “Bestie Birthday Bash” for Shane McMahon

The Miz spared no expense or grand gesture as he attempted to throw “The Best Birthday Bash in the World” for his tag team partner and co-bestie, Shane McMahon. Miz went all out, ordering two cakes (with an image of Miz and Shane on one of them) for his partner, a new pair of sneakers that noted sneakerhead Shane-O-Mac had never even seen before and a full highlight reel of Shane McMahon’s most memorable career moments, concluding with Shane and The A-Lister becoming a tag team.

Shane, although skeptical at first, seemed genuinely touched by Miz’s thoughtfulness and then opened up to Miz about how he’s always wanted to be Tag Team Champion and that he is honored to be walking into Royal Rumble with Miz as his partner. Miz assured Shane that they would achieve Shane’s dream by becoming SmackDown Tag Team Champions at Royal Rumble. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly, and the “Birthday” song began to be sung, but SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar arrived, clearly with party-pooping on their minds.

Sheamus & Cesaro made it clear that Miz & Shane should get all the celebrating out of their systems now because there was no way they would be celebrating after their match with the REAL best tag team in the world at the Royal Rumble. Shane-O-Mac took great exception to that claim, suggesting that Sheamus & Cesaro couldn’t be all that great since they had to resort to sneak-attacking his partner last week. Shane then suggested that Sheamus should square off with Miz right now if he’s really as big and bad as he’s suggesting. Miz was a bit taken aback since he wasn’t dressed to compete, but Shane built his partner up, reminding Miz that Shane wasn’t dressed to compete when he won the WWE World Cup. With Shane clearly confident in Miz’s ability to pull it off, The A-Lister seemingly became overcome with self-assurance and told The Celtic Warrior to bring it on.

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