Shane McMahon finally agreed to team up with The Miz on “Miz TV”

Shane McMahon finally agreed to team up with The Miz on “Miz TV”

After weeks of pleading and case-making, The Miz seemingly had one last attempt in him in his effort to convince Shane McMahon to be his tag team partner. Shane-O-Mac joined “Miz TV” and heard Miz out as The A-Lister laid it all on the table for his “co-bestie.” Miz got deeply personal as he explained to Shane why he so badly wanted to team up with the WWE World Cup winner. Miz explained that, much like Shane himself, he has never heard his father say he’s proud of him, and he’s spent every day of his life questioning if what he’s doing is enough to gain his father’s approval. The Miz revealed that his father is a massive Shane McMahon fan and that ever since The A-Lister heard that, he has made it his mission to team with The Man Without Fear in hopes of finally impressing his dad.

Shane seemed moved by Miz’s words, but still not convinced. However, in the spirit of the new WWE, where the WWE Universe is The Authority, The Miz then asked them if they wanted to see him and Shane pair up to become “The Best Tag Team in the World.” The WWE Universe roared loudly, clearly wanting to see the partnership. Shane, clearly swayed by Miz’s emotional plea and the strong reaction, told The A-Lister that he better not double-cross him and agreed to give this a try.

The two embraced and then hoisted their WWE World Cup trophy. A Christmas miracle in the flesh.

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