Aiden English presented the rest of “One Night in Milwaukee”

Rusev & Lana foil Aiden English's screening of "One Night In Milwaukee": SmackDown LIVE, Oct. 9, 2018

Aiden English attempts to embarrass Lana by showing the rest of their encounter in Milwaukee, but The Ravishing Russian and Rusev have other plans.

Following the shocking reveal of the first part of the “One Night in Milwaukee” video that featured Lana saying “I want you” to Aiden English last week, English teased revealing the rest of the footage with a proposition to The Bulgarian Brute attached. The Mozart of Mayhem suggested that he would destroy the video and never reveal its contents if Rusev simply left Lana and reunited Rusev Day with him.

Anguished, The Super Athlete thought about it for a moment as Lana protested, and Rusev decided that he wanted to see the rest of the video. English hemmed and hawed, but The Ravishing Russian chimed in that if he didn’t show it, she would. Aiden mocked Lana and said it would be impossible for her to do so, except it wouldn’t … because she easily hacked him, due to his password being I-Heart-Rusev.

The rest of the supposedly salacious video revealed that it actually wasn’t salacious at all, as Lana simply told The Rembrandt of Rage that she wanted him to know how much his efforts meant to her and Rusev. The exposed English still brazenly made an advance to Lana, telling her she can have an “Aiden Night” whenever she gets tired of “Rusev Days,” which prompted Rusev to charge the ring, get some licks in and chase him away.

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