AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan joined “Miz TV”

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan joined “Miz TV”

“Miz TV” welcomed WWE Champion AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, the Superstars who will square off for the WWE Title at WWE Crown Jewel in four weeks.

Bryan first razzed The A-Lister about his two-minute-and-change victory over him at WWE Super Show-Down this past Saturday before, naturally, The Miz tried to twist Bryan and Styles’ words (that were firmly rooted in mutual respect) to pit them against one another. However, as the intensity revved up and The Beard and The Phenomenal One began to focus on their clash in Saudi Arabia, it was clear that neither will be coming into WWE Crown Jewel expecting to do anything other than walk out as WWE Champion. It appeared that a war of words was potentially brewing, but just when it seemed like tensions were escalating, the two Superstars came to agree that punching Miz in the face is, well, awesome.

This did not please The A-Lister in the slightest, prompting him to lambast both Bryan and Styles and then claim he would challenge the winner of the WWE Crown Jewel title bout. He then declared that Styles should first focus on tonight because he was about to go one-on-one with the Superstar that defeated The “Yes!” Man just last week, Shelton Benjamin … next!

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