Randy Orton savagely beat down Tye Dillinger

The Viper unleashes an assault that leaves Tye Dillinger as The Painful 9: SmackDown LIVE, Oct. 2, 2018

Before his match against Tye Dillinger can get off the ground, Randy Orton ignites a brawl with his opponent that ends in excruciating fashion.

Looking for retribution after Randy Orton brutalized him last week, Tye Dillinger went face-to-face with The Viper on SmackDown LIVE.

The Perfect 10 came out with a ferocious fury of strikes, even going as far to slam Orton onto the announcer’s table. However, Dillinger could not sustain his rage against The Viper. Orton soon took over and began to systematically tear Dillinger apart, delivering a DDT to Tye on the floor. The Apex Predator then punctuated the beating by putting Dillinger’s finger in between the turnbuckle apparatus and savagely ripping at it as The Perfect 10 gasped in pain.

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