AJ Styles to give an exclusive interview

AJ Styles apologizes to his family for losing his cool vs. Samoa Joe: WWE.com Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2018

Reigning WWE Champion AJ Styles offers a heartfelt apology to his family for his uncharacteristically ruthless attack on Samoa Joe at SummerSlam.

Heading into SummerSlam, WWE Champion AJ Styles made a promise to his family that he would not lose his cool against Samoa Joe. The Samoan Submission Machine, however, seemed determined to goad Styles into breaking that vow. At SummerSlam, he succeeded, as Joe’s taunting of Styles’ wife and daughter led to the WWE Champion ruthlessly assaulting Joe with a steel chair.

Styles left the arena with his family, apologizing and promising that he wouldn’t lose his cool like that again, but is there any going back from this for the WWE Champion? We may get an answer to that question, as there will be an exclusive interview with AJ Styles during SmackDown LIVE.

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