Chaos broke out between Team Hell No, The Bludgeon Brothers, SAnitY and The New Day on “Miz TV”

Team Hell No are ambushed by The Bludgeon Brothers & SAnitY on "Miz TV": SmackDown LIVE, July 10, 2018

The Miz tries to drive a wedge between Daniel Bryan & Kane, but his attempts are cut short by a surprise attack from The Bludgeon Brothers and SAnitY.

With their SmackDown Tag Team Championship opportunity at WWE Extreme Rules now only five days away, Team Hell No joined The A-Lister “Miz TV” to look ahead to their battle with The Bludgeon Brothers on Sunday. The Miz attempted to rile up Daniel Bryan & Kane, calling them a nostalgia act that no longer has what it takes to compete with a duo like Harper & Rowan. Having to hear this from his bitter rival put The “Yes!” Man in the mood for a fight, though Kane tried to calm his friend down… until Miz kept persisting with his taunting, which led to Kane getting ready to chokeslam The A-Lister. However, Miz got out of dodge when The Bludgeon Brothers began to approach the ring. Bryan & Kane quickly had their hands full when SAnitY appeared and attacked Team Hell No with Harper & Rowan soon joining in. 

The reinforcements would soon arrive, though, with The New Day joining the fight and evening the odds for a bit. However, the sheer brutality that The Bludgeon Brothers and SAnitY already inflicted on Team Hell No was too much for them and The New Day to overcome, as WWE officials ran down to attempt to break up the melee. 

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