James Ellsworth called out Asuka… no, seriously

James Ellsworth calls out Asuka: SmackDown LIVE, June 26, 2018

James Ellsworth challenges The Empress of Tomorrow, but he may want to change his tune after SmackDown General Manager Paige arrives.

Still incensed after feeling disrespected by The Empress of Tomorrow last week, James Ellsworth arrived on SmackDown LIVE this week with one intention: To call out Asuka

However, his summoning of The Empress led to the arrival of SmackDown LIVE General Manager Paige, who told the WWE Universe that the only reason Ellsworth had so much bravado tonight was because he knew that Asuka was not here since she was with her family in Japan. However, Paige addressed several things while in the ring with Big James. For one, due to Ellsworth’s surprise return at WWE Money in the Bank that arguably swayed the result of the SmackDown Women’s Championship Match, Ellsworth’s Princess Carmella would have to defend the title against Asuka again at WWE Extreme Rules. 

Indignant, Ellsworth then asked Paige if that was all or if she was here to ask him out on a date. Paige responded by saying Ellsworth actually would have a date next Tuesday… in a one-on-one match against Asuka!

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