Shinsuke Nakamura demanded a public apology from AJ Styles

Shinsuke Nakamura demanded a public apology from AJ Styles

After receiving another low blow from Shinsuke Nakamura during their WWE Title Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, WWE Champion AJ Styles finally snapped, unleashing an assault on WWE’s Rockstar that continued long after the match ended in a double count-out. Back stateside for Team Blue, Styles was now being asked to “publicly apologize” by The King of Strong Style.

Speaking to Renee Young in the ring, Styles verbally railed against Nakamura, calling him the “Con-Artist” and referencing the barrage of blindside low blows he has suffered at the hands of WWE’s Rockstar since WrestleMania 34. Styles refused to apologize and promised to hurt Nakamura come their rematch this Sunday at WWE Backlash, which Paige announced would now be a No Disqualification Match with the title on the line.

However, before The Phenomenal One could call Nakamura to the ring, he was interrupted by Samoa Joe, who made it clear that everyone was focusing on the wrong match at WWE Backlash. The Samoan Submission Machine took the opportunity to once again run Roman Reigns’ name through the mud, letting the WWE Universe know that he still believed The Big Dog to be a complete failure ahead of their match on Sunday. Joe brought everything full circle though, letting Styles know that after he took care of Reigns on Sunday, he would be coming for the WWE Championship.

Styles, none too thrilled with Joe’s claims, got done dirty yet again when Nakamura came out of nowhere and struck AJ with yet another low blow. Nakamura then taunted the downed Styles, seemingly enjoying every moment of the champion’s pain, swatting him in the back of the head several times before nailing him with a jaw-jacking Kinshasa, putting Styles down and making a vivid statement heading into WWE Backlash.

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