Jimmy Uso takes on Rowan of The Bludgeon Brothers

Jey Uso vs. Harper: SmackDown LIVE, April 17, 2018

The Bludgeon Brothers continue to dish out punishment to The Usos until Naomi arrives to plead for mercy on her husband's behalf.

Last week, the rivalry between The Usos and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers became extremely personal when Naomi rushed to ringside to plead with Harper & Rowan not to destroy her husband, Jimmy, and brother-in-law, Jey. The Bludgeon Brothers, perhaps showing a small amount of compassion, ended the carnage.

The Usos are not going to back down from the massive mallet-wielders in the face of their title match at this Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble event, as Jimmy Uso is stepping up to take on Rowan in one-on-one competition. How will he handle the monstrous Superstar? Will Naomi heed her family’s advice and stay out of The Bludgeon Brothers’ path of destruction?

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