Daniel Bryan to appear on “Miz TV”

Daniel Bryan on Miz TV

Last week, The Miz received the news that he would be heading to SmackDown LIVE in the 2018 Superstar Shake-up. Under normal circumstances, that probably would have been good news. Unfortunately for The Awesome One, his return to Team Blue was requested by Daniel Bryan. There is a long history between the two, dating back to Season 1 of NXT in 2010, but the bad blood in recent years can be traced back to The A-Lister’s first turn on SmackDown LIVE.

Then the brand’s General Manager, Bryan was very critical of The Miz’s in-ring style and minced no words when expressing those views to Miz’s face on WWE Talking Smack. Bryan’s criticism sent The Awesome One flying off the handle in a rant about Bryan and his retirement that left Bryan so furious that he walked off the show. The Miz took things even further, mocking Bryan during his matches by using The Beard’s trademark kicks.

The Miz completely loses it in the face of GM Daniel Bryan: WWE Talking Smack, Aug. 23. 2016

Daniel Bryan's comment strikes a nerve and The Miz loses control on the award-winning WWE Network.

A lot has transpired since then, the biggest change being that Bryan is back in the ring as a full-time Superstar, and he’s apparently had enough of The Miz’s mockery. What will happen when these rivals come face to face?  

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