The "Yep!" Movement viciously assaulted Shane McMahon

The "Yep!" Movement viciously assaulted Shane McMahon

SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon was at the center of controversy on Sunday when he cost both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn opportunities to win the WWE Championship. However, Shane-O-Mac, who seemed somewhat pleased over potentially causing a permanent rift between Owens and Zayn, claimed to have a huge WrestleMania announcement.

He first had two blockbuster revelations regarding the future of SmackDown LIVE: General Manager Daniel Bryan would return to the blue brand next week, but The “Yes!” Man would be going it alone, as Shane would be taking an indefinite leave of absence as SmackDown LIVE Commissioner.

Shane-O-Mac then declared that Owens and Zayn would compete against one another at WrestleMania 34, drawing out the irate KO & Sami, who believed Shane was just trying to toy with them one more time before he took off.

Zayn and Owens refused to have it though, mockingly “thanking” Shane for the opportunity at WrestleMania and then proceeding to deliver an unrelenting assault onto Shane that included a Helluva Kick and a Pop-up Powerbomb. WWE officials tried to stop the beatdown, but The “Yep!” Movement took them out too.

From there, Owens and Zayn continued their savage attack, first wrapping a chair around Shane’s throat and smashing it into the ring post, then dragging Shane into the backstage area and giving him a tandem Powerbomb back-first into heavy steel equipment.

From there, Owens & Zayn left the scene, but not before doing an immense amount of damage on the Commissioner, who was hauntingly loaded onto a stretcher as SmackDown LIVE concluded.

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