Baron Corbin def. Sami Zayn

Baron Corbin def. Sami Zayn

Despite suffering a loss against WWE Champion AJ Styles last week, Baron Corbin proved to be a threat to walk out of WWE Fastlane as the new WWE Champion when he decimated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn after the match. The Lone Wolf looked to continue asserting his dominance against The “Yep!” Movement in this contest against Zayn, but Corbin also had to keep an eye on KO, who was at the announce desk. During the match, Shane McMahon voiced his displeasure with Daniel Bryan for allowing Owens at the commentary desk, but Bryan respectfully disagreed, prompting Shane to briefly exit the office.

KO held nothing back on commentary, claiming that Shane’s decision to give John Cena an opportunity to join the WWE Fastlane main event was just another example of the vendetta against The “Yep!” Movement. When Shane-O-Mac returned to the office, he seemed to be a bit amicable, agreeing with Bryan that the action was great.

In the pivotal moments, Dolph Ziggler bolted to ringside and superkicked an unsuspecting Owens square in the back of the head. Zayn didn’t see the kick, but he did notice KO sprawled out on the ground, and the distraction allowed Corbin to catch Sami off guard and drop him with End of Days for the victory. However, before Corbin could bask in his win, Ziggler slid into the ring and hit the also unsuspecting Lone Wolf with a picture-perfect Zig Zag.

Back in the office, Shane-O-Mac mockingly joked that maybe Daniel should go and check on Owens & Zayn. The “Yes!” Man declined that offer, but still clearly off-put, asked if he could leave for the evening, which Shane approved. Following that, the disgruntled Owens and Zayn ran into Shane and asked him if they had seen what occurred during the match. Shane simply, and gleefully, answered “Yep!” The Commissioner then informed them that Bryan had left for the night and that they would maybe want to leave soon as well, as Brie “hates it when they are late for dinner,” much to the dismay of The “Yep!” Movement.

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