Daniel Bryan to reveal the first-ever SmackDown LIVE Top 10 Superstars List

Daniel Bryan introduces the SmackDown Top 10 List: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 30, 2018

SmackDown LIVE's General Manager introduces a new ranking system designed to open opportunities for Team Blue's Superstars.

Last week, Daniel Bryan announced that voting was open to Team Blue’s Superstars for the first-ever SmackDown LIVE Top 10 Superstars List. SmackDown LIVE’s General Manager will reveal the initial rankings tonight on USA Network, giving the roster an idea of where they stand among their peers.

Criteria that SmackDown Superstars needed to consider when voting included locker room leadership, athletic skill and overall talent. No Superstars were allowed to vote for themselves, and neither Bryan nor Commissioner Shane McMahon cast a vote in the rankings.

Who will be among Team Blue’s top 10 competitors?

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