Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan had a tense altercation

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan had a tense altercation

KANSAS CITY — With tension seemingly seeping through every single decision made on SmackDown LIVE, Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan attempted to once again hash out their differences in the ring, this time revolving around Bryan’s decision to give Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn another WWE Title opportunity.

Shane-O-Mac could not get over the fact that he believes Bryan’s “Land of Opportunity” was now only granting opportunities to two Superstars: Owens and Zayn. Bryan retorted by saying that after the Royal Rumble controversy, he thought Shane would be delighted by the idea of his two least-favorite Superstars finally having to rip one another to shreds. Shane didn’t buy Bryan’s reasoning, suggesting that the former two-time WWE Champion was just trying to live vicariously through the leaders of The “Yep!” Movement.

This accusation seemed to take Daniel aback, but before he could respond, WWE Champion AJ Styles hit the scene to say his peace; he was frustrated with both Shane and Bryan for the way they’ve handled Owens & Zayn, but regardless of who he faces at WWE Fastlane, the WWE Champion fully intends to be Phenomenal and walk out with the gold before heading on to WrestleMania.

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