Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable demand justice

The Usos vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin - SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 2, 2018

After scoring a pinfall victory over Jimmy & Jey Uso in a non-title match two weeks ago, Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin get their opportunity at the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable thought they had defeated The Usos and won the SmackDown Tag Team Titles last week. The referee counted three as Gable pinned Jimmy Uso, setting off a celebration. However, the official soon realized that neither Gable nor Jimmy were the legal Superstars in the battle, rendering his decision null and void, and he ordered the match to restart. The Usos stayed focused after the restart and walked out victorious with their titles in hand.

However, Gable & Benjamin are not going away quietly following the controversial ending. has learned that the two are “demanding justice” after last week’s battle. What exactly do the two mat wrestling masters have in mind?

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