The Usos def. The Hype Bros

The Hype Bros vs. The Usos: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 26, 2017

The Hype Bros try to get back on the right track by challenging The Usos, as SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day keep a close eye on the bout.

With their SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match against The New Day less than two weeks away, The Usos went to battle with The Hype Bros, who were game for the match and attempting to get back on track after a series of tough, close losses. 

The titleholders watched on from the crowd (enjoying some Booty-Os and other snacks), as Mojo Rawley made an overzealous blind tag that resulted in some miscommunication that took Zack Ryder out and got Rawley caught with a superkick and big splash combo to take the L. 

Following their victory, the boisterous Usos bragged on the microphone while getting right in the faces of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. However, before The Usos could go on for too long about how they would regain the titles at WWE Hell in a Cell, The New Day snatched the mic and laid out a striking plan for the title bout: They wanted The Usos inside the Hell in a Cell structure!

The Usos flashed a pair of sly grins to signal their acceptance, thus making WWE history, as it will be the first time that any Tag Team Championship is decided inside the structure that shortens careers.

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